Tips For Tennis Shoes Maintenance

Tips For Tennis Shoes Maintenance

Tennis shoes are now used extensively in other sports such as basketball, jumping and running even though it was originally designed for Tennis. A bit more expensive than normal shoes, tennis shoes require extensive care to last for longer. Here are a few handy tips on how to take care of your tennis shoes.

When it comes to tennis shoes, clean is keenshould be the motto. Try your best to keep your tennis shoes from getting dirty. Regular cleaning is a must, weekly washing and thorough drying will help to keep your tennis shoes clean.

Watch out for the material of your tennis shoes while cleaning. Tennis shoes made of synthetics are all right for washing. Its important clean your tennis shoes immediately after getting them dirty, because the strain might be difficult to let go if they stay for longer period and get dried. Tennis shoes of canvas material are easier to clean, just rinse them well with warm water and let them dry properly.

Keeping your tennis shoes from smelling bad can be an arduous task. However, there are tips which help your tennis shoes from smelling bad. Its a good and inexpensive way to dry the smelly tennis shoes in the sun as that will reduce the stink smell to a large extent. You can sprinkle baking soda into the tennis shoes as that will absorb the moisture and helps preventing the smell. Rubbing alcohol spray onto the tennis shoes is a very effective way to prevent the bad smell. However, as they say prevention is better than cure; similarly regular spraying of antifungal foot spray into your tennis shoes prevents them becoming smelly.

Tips to wash in washing machine:

Washing your tennis shoes in washing machine helps in letting go of the horrible smell. However, some points ought to be considered while washing your favourite shoes in washing machine. Always opt for warm water for washing.

Tennis shoes of quality brands wont suffer any damage from this washing, but its a good idea wash mid standard shoes along with regular white load as the soft material of towels etc. will provide a sort of cushion to the shoes as they tumble. Before washing, make sure to remove the laces and insoles out of your tennis shoes to prevent them from tangling up in the agitator. After washing, put them out in the sun to dry. This is an inexpensive method to get all new looking tennis shoes.

Benefits of using shoe cleaner:

For the longevity of your tennis shoes, its a good idea to use shoe cleaner such as Sport Shoe Stuff ScrubOff Heavy Duty Cleaner. Some washing liquid and liquid bleach can also be used for giving your tennis shoes a shiny look.

Drying plays an important role:

After washing your tennis shoes, its good to dry it in the sun. However, I recommend drying them in a wellventilated area at room temperature. Dry your wet tennis shoes with a white towel. For next phase of drying, stuff the tennis shoes with white porous paper (dont go for newspaper as it can bleed ink) or a quick dry towel, but before that make sure to remove the shoe pad, sockliner or orthotics from your tennis shoes. Replacing the paper towels in regular interval will help letting go of the extra water if any.

Storage of your tennis shoe is also very important as cleaning them. Always keep your tennis shoes in a dry, cool place. Wooden or plastic shoe shapers are ideal to keep tennis shoes.


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